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I watch as warm winds whisk away my dreams

setting sail in scarlet sky, shall they bloom?

Or will they become lost in the breeze

like seeds floating into late afternoon?

One by one my dreams dance away from me,

searching for sustenance, some soil to root.

My chest grows heavy though, as doubts take root:

What if I have unattainable dreams?

What if there’s nothing great inside of me,

no salient seed from which I can bloom?

I allow this to eat at me all afternoon…

Life is not a thing through which…

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How tempting is the beauty of a storm at sea?

Violent volts pulsing through a violet sky

while scattered showers shroud it’s severity

colossal waves chaotically collide.

I wander into her wrathful water

secretly seduced by the salty swells,

soon finding she’s a merciless monster

my darkest desires drag me to her hell.

Helpless to the hurricane I keep hidden

I descend deep into her dark abyss

aware now she’s the source of my affliction,

but can I escape her treacherous tricks?

Will I wither here in her wicked winds?

have I the strength to swim away from this?

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My innocence never meant that much to you,

harsh hands suppressed my sense of security

you are the only fear I never outgrew.

Cornered in corruption, a child confused

as you silently stole a priceless part of me

my innocence never meant that much to you.

I suffered through years of your abuse

battling a betrayal that no one believed,

you are the only fear I never outgrew

Now you seek forgiveness, well I refuse

I’m not fooled by your feeble apology,

my innocence never meant that much to you.

Someday consequences will catch up…

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Do you remember the first time your lips

parted to taste, it was love at first sip?

Like swallowing fire, it burned your throat,

and it’s warmth held comfort you’d never known

in this liquid you found your confidence.

But bliss bestowed by the bottles you hid

Started to fade, so you sought a new fix

a promising future traded for dope.

Do you remember?

You’ve come a long way since you were a kid

cleaned up your act, at least the worst of it

but your love for lethal liquid has grown…

Can’t you see how you are losing control?

In this mirror, I ask myself again:

Do you remember?

(Photo by Gabriel Sollman on Unsplash)

Darling I dare you, discard your disguise,

break free from the sins you struggle to hide.

Liquor is a bandaid for pain you hold,

But I know of love that can make you whole,

And an unfailing grace that grants new life.

Are you not tired of the wasted nights,

poisoning your blood just to feel alright?

Sobriety is freeing, it’s time to grow,

darling I dare you.

In your darkest night, will you seek His light?

Or will you dance with these demons all your life?

Will you let him comfort your weary soul?

His arms are open, welcoming you home.

So bow your head now and close your eyes,

darling, I dare you.

A letter to my younger self.

(Photo by Hunter So on Unsplash)

Has our flame died to nothing more

than grey ashes from fading coal?

For your love has dwindled down

like a candle that’s been blown out,

turning fiery nights frigid cold.

I dig through dust, sifting in hopes

of finding embers still aglow

but in this wreckage, nothing’s found,

Has our flame died?

It’s hard to breathe in clouds of smoke,

my lungs beg of me to let go

my heart agrees, so it’s time now

that I rise from smoldering ground

for in your silence I have found

our flame has died.

(Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash)

Every day I wake up, I try to be better than before

I fight to forget you, but you’re hard to ignore.

Sometimes I get so fed up, I don’t know what to do

with the stress of life, some days I really miss you…

Another sleepless night, I’m tired of it all

might go back if another thing goes wrong

back to that magical life that we once shared

when I felt no pain, honestly I didn’t care.

It was perfect for quite awhile,

I wore an unbreakable smile.

You made me feel like I could conquer the world

(Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash)

The seed’s been planted

so they say

not sure I can grow

past today.

I feel stuck in

a vast abyss of darkness

will I ever find

a light to get out of it?

I have painted on

a brave face

but it’s getting hard

to hide pain.

Addiction is consuming my every move.

(Photo by Nicolas Villalobos on Unsplash)

God, I’ve been struggling
With my identity
Been wrestling demons
Inside of me

Can’t you just make me

the person I’m meant to be?
Just help me stand strong

so that I may know peace.

I know you are my way home
Will my pride let me go?
I’m begging, here on my knees
I know you are what I need.

I’m sick of this rollercoaster ride
Tired of all this pain inside
Take my life and shape me Lord
Take it all for I am yours.

I can’t keep doing this to myself
Aware that I need your help
I’m confused here, lost on my own
Show me how to come back home.

(Photo by Christopher Sardenga on Unsplash)

There are some things inside of me

That I just can’t release

Things that I don’t really need

Yet I choose to keep.

Anger, hate, guilt and shame

All the secrets I hide away

Things I refuse to say aloud

Things I need to get out.

I can’t become the person I want to be

When I’m filled with things I don’t need

It’s time I learn to let them all go

So that I can start to take control.

I’ll rid myself of my guilt and my shame

I’ll release myself from the hurt and pain

Maybe I will find a happiness in me

When I let go of things I don’t need.

Ashley Lorraine Bridges

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