(Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash)

Every day I wake up, I try to be better than before

I fight to forget you, but you’re hard to ignore.

Sometimes I get so fed up, I don’t know what to do

with the stress of life, some days I really miss you…

Another sleepless night, I’m tired of it all

might go back if another thing goes wrong

back to that magical life that we once shared

when I felt no pain, honestly I didn’t care.

It was perfect for quite awhile,

I wore an unbreakable smile.

You made me feel like I could conquer the world

but when we fell, you left a lost and lonely girl.

All of your lies, mixed with my deceit

it took so long for me to break free

I can’t go back now, I’ve come too far

I will not let you win this war.

I’ll admit, many days I still miss you

but you’re not worth all I’ve been through,

the nights I cried myself to sleep

the time it took to get on my feet

the hearts I broke, the trouble I caused

I won’t go back to the monster I was.

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