My Hero

Starry eyed, I was flying high

watching the lights spinning by

“Roll Room” was getting hotter and hotter

wanted orange juice but needed water.

Walked to the kitchen, my head felt light

drank some liquid and felt alright.

“One more” I heard someone say to me

glanced around and saw just Jeremy.

Laughed and said “sure one more”

followed him back to the bedroom door.

What happened next is such a blur

happened so fast, I can’t be sure,

all I recall is trying to scream,

praying to God it was all a dream.

Pressed his body to mine, holding me down

once more I screamed, this time with sound.

You opened the door just in time,

pulled his body off of mine.

You threw him out, grabbed my hands,

helped me up as I buttoned my pants.

You held me close, but not too tight,

you’ll forever be my hero, for saving me that night.

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