Late Night Shower Thoughts

Ashley Lorraine Bridges
1 min readJun 26, 2022
(Photo by Veeterzy on Unsplash)

Will it feel like a single day over and over again?

Or will it feel like one day that never ends?

Will I know everyone or will i be there with others but not notice them?

Will I be able to hug and tell my children that I love them?

Will I recognize their faces?

Will I know that it’s forever?

Or worse-

what if I’m wrong?

What if there is nothing more than this?

What if when I finally find the rest I’ve so long craved-

it’s just black nothingness?

Will I know that my body has died?

Will I care?

Will it be like Adam and Eve in the garden of eden?

Will we be tempted by the snake to eat forbidden fruit?

Will Adam and Eve be there too?

What if we do get tempted and fail like our predecessors?

Will we be sent to endure the painful life on earth once more?

Will we still have free will?

What if we don’t?

What if we do?

What if everything means nothing?

Ashley Lorraine Bridges

Poet. Optimist. Writing to recover.