It’s Okay, You Can Live Now.

A rondeau

(Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

At last, you’re safe. You can live now,

I promise it’s safe to get out

of that survival mode you’ve been

long enslaved and imprisoned in;

go ahead and live, you’re free now.

Don’t be afraid we’ve all got doubts,

but look at how they’ve weighed you down;

let them go and let life begin,

at last you’re safe.

You’ve come so far, you should be proud

of your progress so don’t discount

those battles you’ve won, held within.

But they’re bygones, so now begin

look ahead, forget where you’ve been

at last, you’re safe.

This is a reminder to myself to be unafraid of what’s to come, to not let fear envelope me, and to live life without worrying about my mistakes. I’ve lived so long in “survival mode” that I’ve had a hard time setting goals and allowing myself to dream, but those days are behind me and I hope that I can learn to look forward to my future instead of living in my past. Thanks for reading!



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