Love Makes us Blind

It won’t happen again, what do they know?

We were happy just a few months ago,

a new baby, a little girl,

all was right again in our world.

No more fights, holes in the walls,

no more desperate late night calls…

Then one day, something changed,

a gun to your head, saying you can’t live this way,

for weeks, our son walked around saying bang bang

I can’t forget the look on his innocent face…

A month later, more holes in the walls,

broken phones interrupting panicked calls.

Trying to find a way out of that hell,

I remember it all now so well.

So I got a job, no one approved

but I had to get away from you

I did what I did, there’s no excuse,

How could I have known what it would lead to?

A sunny, warm day we went to your dads

he and I talked, told him it was getting bad.

He said get out, things won’t ever change

I knew he was right, saw anger on your face.

We argued in the car, on our drive home,

I was nervous so I grabbed my phone.

You saw me, threw it out the window

said you can’t live without me, can’t live alone…

It happened so fast, it felt like a dream

80 miles an hour, a bridge, a wall, a scream.

Airbags deployed, our son awoke,

April fools day, but it wasn’t a joke.

You walked away from the wreckage without a scratch

left me bleeding, our son crying in the back…

Cars stopped and stared at the mess

I cried as we waited for the EMS.

Every year, I think of that scene

my inability to just leave,

I never thought it could happen to me,

love makes us blind to what we should see.

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