Tunnel Vision

I traveled through the tunnel today

one entrance, one exit, only one way

narrow sides causing claustrophobic feelings

walls meeting each other at low ceilings.

Chest is tight, breathing becomes hard

can’t find my way out of this perpetual dark.

Will I ever escape?

I traveled through the tunnel today

been so long since I’ve felt this way

impulsive moments followed by regret

obsessive thoughts I can’t forget.

Took my time in getting straight

never really felt I’d be okay

did my best to numb the pain.

Wasted years, wasted tears,

wasted days.

I’d gotten so good at alternate routes

creating a life in which I was proud

until I came upon the underpass,

tunnel vision followed by regrets.

It’s been so long I must have forgot

consequences that for so long I had fought

the path I’m on, it ends terminally

trapped in the tunnel and I can’t see.

The tunnel is black, it’s suffocating me

light never gets closer, can barely see

stayed away from this deathly underpass

as long as I could, it came so fast

I had nowhere else to go but through

know those making it out are few.

I’m trapped in the tunnel today

wish I could just forget this place

my impulse has brought regret

I’m the only person I can’t forgive.

Thought I had this under control

but tunnel visions taken its hold

want to do better, be better this time

escape this tunnel that’s ruining my life.

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