Feeling Anxious

(A spin off of “Feeling Mad”)

Anxious thoughts fill

my uneasy mind

making me fearful

but I’ll be fine.

Find some snacks

some potions to drink

grow too big,

then I shrink.

Searching for that

nervous rabbit

running late,

silly hare.


upon his home

he whispers


Guided to a

vibrant party

desired join the fun.

Teapots and cups

before me

he mouthed to me


As I come closer I see

a scrumptious cake,

teapots filled with hot tea,

an empty seat

with an empty plate.

Looks so enticing

a happy un-birthday,

how exciting!

Still being urged

to go away.

The man with the hat,

and a too white face

seems a little mad

bright green hair,

eyes a little crazed.

He greeted warmly

but something

seemed off

said “come nearer to me”

I didn’t,

he scoffed.

Attempts made

to escape

said “I’ve really got to run”.

He poured cups of tea

and said

“we’ve just begun”.

His smile widened

revealing his teeth

shiny, sharp as pins

I let out a scream.

He made it clear

I couldn’t leave

he’s completely mad.

What does he

want from me,

this psycho man

in the hat!?

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