I’ve lost myself in a kingdom

somewhere in a fairy tale.

You’re a knight in armor, swooping in

not that I require rescuing

I simply am searching for direction

and instead of telling me how to get to the happily ever after,

you decide to dismount your horse and walk with me.

You gently guide me instead of telling me

you’ve taken time from your assiduous conquest

to help me with mine.

Your fortitude is exquisite.

I admire that you don’t acknowledge me

like I’m a delicate damsel in distress.

Instead you see me

as a lone lost outlander

trying to find my way home.

That’s when I realize I don’t need to be saved

I can do that on my own.

All I am longing for

is someone to walk beside me

on this journey called life.

To you I’m not this broken little girl

I’m not sure you even believe in broken people.

And it’s opened my eyes

freed me from an ordinary odyssey,

now I see this entire unfamiliar world

in which I am not the victim.

You reveal things to me I’ve never known

you show me that I don’t have to bow down

I too can slay dragons with grace like you

if I only pick up the sword

And learn to do so.

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