Dear Ocean

A poem

Ashley Lorraine Bridges
3 min readAug 3, 2022


Summer’s sun greets my skin,

a warmth I happily welcome.

I sit and stare out at your swells

in awe of such chaotic charisma;

your tides rise with a quickness

that takes my breath away.

We have that in common,

highs and lows that is…

You make it look much more graceful than I,

with your crescendoing crests

that crash carelessly back into

the same body from which they rose.

How many times have I grown

hastily with hope

so confident in my crescendo

that the inevitable descent

devastated me?

I watch your salty foam form

in that moment where you are

neither falling nor growing-

simply satisfied sitting in the skyline;

and when the wind wraps you in her arms,

you rise yet again.

You prefer to keep your secrets safe

beneath your abysmal body

while I messily wear my heart on my sleeve.

I wish I could be a little more like you-

mysterious and magical

bold and beautiful

strong and serene.

I wish I could carry

all that makes up me

the way you carry

the creatures that make up you-

deep down, safe and submerged.

You have no insecurities

never worry where the wind will take you;

you are free to flow wherever and however you like

without consequence,

without fear of being judged,

without fear of not being enough-

or of being too much.

You are bound only by the land



Ashley Lorraine Bridges

Poet. Optimist. Writing to recover.