My mind is magnificent

at producing problems

situations strategically set

to awaken my anxiety.

Take for instance


Fears of being forgotten,

in need of reasonable reassurance,

constantly creating chaos

due to demands

for validation

for attention

for love.

Or we could look

at public places.

sweating in my seat,

worrying who’s watching me,

scared to speak because

what if I stutter!?

Large crowds cause

my pulse to quicken

my body to sweat

my mind to unsettle.

Even still, we could look at

my guilt and shame.

Things I can’t change

disturbing my daily drill,

stealing all satisfaction I feel.

All I seem to do is wish

I wish to go back

I wish to change the past

I wish to let it all go.

Observe my obscurity,

how easily I get overwhelmed

yet some seem to see me

as a beautiful soul.

How can that be?

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