A Serene Summer’s Dream

A submerged Sonnet

Ashley Lorraine Bridges
2 min readJul 9, 2022


(Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)

Suffocating air surrounds

the noise of little voices,

excited screams when one’s found-

another rethinks her hiding choices.

I can’t imagine a more precious moment.

War emerges- a heated fight

over goggles and a silly float,

you tell them share, it’ll be alright

and they jump back in, getting us soaked.

I can’t imagine a more precious moment.

I sit in the sun playing back our years

how much my heart ached on those lonely nights,

how your words left holes in those angry fights-

so many moments filled with painful tears.

How much of our time was bleak and drear,

pretending that everything was alright;

and our fake smiles forged nothing but smite.

Still, losing you was my biggest fear.

But have we not now learned so many things

about ourselves and one another too?

Have we not found parallel in our dreams

finding solutions for all we’ve come to?

And now that we’ve battled all the extremes

theres not a thing our love can’t make it through.

Your smile shakes me from my thoughts,

followed by a worried look

as you ask me “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” I say as as my head shook.

Messy, moody, and a little mad

I’ve not made this easy on you.

You say you love me for all I am,

I could not imagine a love more true.



Ashley Lorraine Bridges

Poet. Optimist. Writing to recover.