(Photo by Rebekah Blocker on Unsplash)

How strange it is to live so blind,

as though we have infinite time

to put off all the little things,

to make the move to reach our dreams,

to ignite a fire inside.

Still, we wake and don a disguise,

whatever it takes to be liked

safely settle into…



How tempting is the beauty of a storm at sea?

Violent volts pulsing through a violet sky

while scattered showers shroud it’s severity

colossal waves chaotically collide.

I wander into her wrathful water

secretly seduced by her salty swells,

soon finding she’s a merciless monster

my darkest desires drag me to her hell.

Helpless to the hurricane I keep hidden

I descend deep into her dark abyss

aware now she’s the source of my affliction,

but can I escape her treacherous tricks?

Will I wither here in her wicked winds?

have I the strength to swim away from this?