(Photo by Rebekah Blocker on Unsplash)

How strange it is to live so blind,

as though we have infinite time

to put off all the little things,

to make the move to reach our dreams,

to ignite a fire inside.

Still, we wake and don a disguise,

whatever it takes to be liked

safely settle into routine-

how strange it is.

A culture content without drive,

simply surviving ‘till we die.

There’s more to life, why can’t we see

how quickly we run out of time-

how strange it is.

How tempting is the beauty of a storm at sea?

Violent volts pulsing through a violet sky

while scattered showers shroud it’s severity

colossal waves chaotically collide.

I wander into her wrathful water

secretly seduced by her salty swells,

soon finding she’s a merciless monster

my darkest desires drag me to her hell.

Helpless to the hurricane I keep hidden

I descend deep into her dark abyss

aware now she’s the source of my affliction,

but can I escape her treacherous tricks?

Will I wither here in her wicked winds?

have I the strength to swim away from this?

A rispetto

(Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash)

With eyes closed tight, thoughts fill my mind,

are you afraid of what’s to come?

Our lives will soon be intertwined

but what if I’m not what you want?

What if we change, what if you say

that this was all just a mistake;

Still, I embrace this leap of…

A triolet

(Photo byElla Baxter on Unsplash)

In the dark night, I can still see

how my choices have led me here

it matters not how hard I plead

in the dark night, I can still see.

Monsters inside, I continue to feed

though in daylight they disappear-

in the dark night, I can still see


(Photo by Alexis Antonio on Unsplash)

Your love crashed into me

like waves upon a shore

in the middle of a hurricane.

I struggled to hold onto

all the things rooted in me-

the fruitful trees

the hidden shells

the peaceful life

buried beneath my sand.

But I was no match for your tides,

that became painfully evident

in the destruction you left

when the wind blew

and pushed you away,

onto the next colorful island.

Your love destroyed my coast

but now that you’ve gone

life has begun to emerge again.

Birds chirp triumphantly

as they fly above small sprouts

that will again become giants;

My murky shores have begun to clear

and the beauty beneath

has begun to peek through

warmed by the sun,

and slowly I begin to thrive

once more.