30 Accomplishments in My 30 Years

A list of things I’m proud of doing

(Photo by Hamid Roshaan on Unsplash)
  1. Grown from my mistakes
  2. Learned to forgive others
  3. Learned to forgive myself
  4. Learned how to let go
  5. Learned to ask for help when I need it
  6. Done something that scared me
  7. Survived depressive episodes
  8. Unconditionally loved another person
  9. Learned to love who I am
  10. Set boundaries
  11. Written over a hundred poems
  12. I get more patient every day
  13. Learned to appreciate the little things in life
  14. Communicating with others effectively
  15. Becoming a CVOR tech
  16. I’ve learned to listen to others, to REALLY listen.
  17. Graduating high school
  18. Graduating scrub tech school
  19. Helped rebuild a house after Katrina
  20. Made two beautiful babies
  21. Working in a field I love
  22. Ran a 5k
  23. Swam in the ocean
  24. Met my favorite band
  25. Helped in a heart transplant
  26. Helped in a lung transplant
  27. Changed my own taillight
  28. Cut out toxic people from my life- even when it was hard
  29. I’ve learned how to be honest with myself and others
  30. Learned to accept people for who they are instead of who they could be.

Thirty is HUGE to me, mostly because I never saw myself making it this far in life. I thought what better way to celebrate surviving this crazy life than to list some of my accomplishments thus far!

Poet. Optimist. Writing to recover.

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Ashley Lorraine Bridges

Ashley Lorraine Bridges

Poet. Optimist. Writing to recover.

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